Sebastian Telfair arrested with enough guns & ammunition to arm a small country (also some weed)

Sebastian Telfair if you recall was famously arrested when he was a Boston Celtic back in 2007 on gun charges.  The amount of guns and ammunition this time is ridiculous. What is he an arms dealer now?

By the way whenever anyone mentions that Ainge hasn't had that many high lottery picks in his tenure, you can feel free to remind them that Danny had the #7 pick in the 2006 draft and traded it for Telfair. Oops. Bassy was included a year later in the KG trade with Minnesota to make the numbers work. He actually stuck around in the league all the way until the 2015 season as a respectable backup point guard.

Back during his one year in Boston, Telfair battled with Rajon Rondo and Delonte West for point guard minutes as the Celtics tanked had a historically bad season with hopes of landing Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. Delonte of course has had his own issues. Hopefully Telfair straightens out his life.