Are the Celtics interested in Lauri Markkanen? (video)

When a normal offseason starts for any team in the NBA, speculations abounds about the direction the team will be taking almost from the moment the final buzzer sounds.

When you're the team who finished as the top seed in the Eastern Conference and the top pick in the NBA Draft, well - let's just say the speculation is likely to reach some pretty intense levels. And such is the case with the Boston Celtics, with all kinds of hot and not-so-hot takes about what the team will do with its draft options, roster construction, and free agency aspirations. Reports the consensus top pick Markelle Fultz will be taking a workout with the Sacramento Kings certainly didn't slow analysts trying to divine Danny Ainge's next move, and the official YouTube account of the Celtics releasing a "Draft Profile Video" of Lauri Markkanen - projected by most experts to go between fifth and tenth in the 2017 NBA Draft, exactly the range of the Kings' two first-round picks - isn't going to, either.

It's certainly possible Ainge might look to move one or more contracts on the books in exchange for a draft pick that Markkanen could fall to in an effort to carve out cap space for a player like Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin, or that Danny has something up his sleeve, but more than likely, we're just seeing the first of several videos with players in the range of those who might be selected with the top pick. So, try not to read too much into the video's release, and check out Amanda Pfulgrad's conversation with Lauri's college coach Sean Miller yourself to get a feel for a prospect that while I personally love, but can't see any chance of being taken ahead of Fultz.

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