Markieff Morris says Celtics can't pull off "funeral" attire like the Wizards can

The Washington Post:
“They just tryna be like us, they just want to be us so bad, man,” Markieff Morris, arbiter of the Wizards’ alter-ego-thing, Death Row DC, and therefore an authority on the matter. “They can’t. There’s only one Death Row DC, and they can’t do it like we can do it.”

Markieff Morris seems like a chump, but that's besides the point. The Celtics weren't able to back up their attire in Game 6, but then again that extra second might have helped. Personally whether the Celtics won or lost Game 6, I wasn't too big a fan of the "funeral" attire look. Yes it probably motivated the Celtics to give their all to try and lose out Game 6, but it also likely motivated Washington as much if not more.

What are your thoughts on the "funeral" look?