LeBron had nothing but love for Isaiah Thomas after last night's game

After dusting the Celtics in game 5 of a series in which the Celtics leading scorer Isaiah Thomas hadn't played since the the 2nd matchup last Friday night LeBron James was happy to see IT on the sideline postgame, and he greeted him with a big hug:

LeBron has mentioned his admiration for Thomas throughout this season and the postseason. He called him "the head of the snake" for the Celtics earlier this season, and a few weeks back he mentioned his admiration for Thomas being able to handle the passing of his sister at the start of the playoffs and continue to play at ta high level. Asked after the game what he said to Isaiah during their embrace LeBron shined a little light on it:

Classy move from LeBron and I'm sure it meant a lot to Isaiah. Like James said, this is just basketball after all. Family most certainly comes first and what happened to Isaiah's sister China was horrible.

I'm sure IT wanted nothing more than to be able to help his guys these last few games, despite them stealing a game without him and nearly snagging another one in game 4. It would have been so great to see Isaiah go toe-to-toe with Kyrie Irving during his torrid stretch in the third quarter of game 4, when the Celtics lost their way on offense and the Cavs marched back out front.

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Photo Credit - AP Photo/Elise Amendola

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