Kevin Garnett's show Area 21 to have a mini '08 Celtics reunion tonight

If you need to get your mind off yesterday's abomination that was game 4 in Washington our old pal Kevin Garnett might have the ticket. His show on TNT Area 21 is set to feature four of the key contributors to the Celtics' 17th banner raised back in 2008 including Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, and the freshly retired Paul Pierce - as well as the Big Ticket himself:

Hopefully todays Celtics tune in because they sure could use some advice from a team that finished the '08 season as the number one seed but had to fight through some early struggles in the postseason as they went 7 games in two series they were heavy favorites going into - albeit these Celtics are no where near the powerhouse of that title team despite also being the 1-seed in the East.

It's perfect timing with a couple of games before game 5 back in Boston and I'm excited to hear all the things these guys might talk about. From the current team to Ray Allen's seclusion from their reunion festivities, maybe something on the Glen Davis beef with Doc Rivers, Pierce retiring and his final game at the Garden, Rondo's thoughts on his broken wrist in round one, and I imagine a ton of crazy/funny stories from their run together.

I'm pretty stoked, and maybe it'll help heal some of the trauma I experienced last night watching that 26-0 run that has been haunting me all day. Area 21 airs at 7:30pm (EST) on TNT.

UPDATE: It seems like the show might be streamed live on the Area 21 Facebook channel at 7:30 and then they show cuts from it during tonights Jazz-Warriors game that starts at 9pm (EST). But to be honest I'm not even sure, it's a little confusing. Keep tabs on their Facebook page for updates

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