Draymond Green ironically calls out Kelly Olynyk for being a dirty player

A simple pick and roll play in Game 3 of the Celtics-Wizards series has oddly made the "dirty player" labels resurface for Celtics big man Kelly Olynyk.

Usually, when a player gets off the ground, runs full speed at someone, and drops a shoulder into their chest after the whistle blows, they are called dirty -- or a more explicit term that I won't include here. Instead, it turns out that it is the victim who has turned into the villain.

In case you need to refresh your memory, Kelly Oubre got ejected and then suspended for decking Olynyk after absorbing a hard screen:

After the replays, Olynyk's screen appeared to be harmless. At least that's my opinion. If anything, it was unintentional. However, many people don't seem to see it that way.

Ironically enough, Warriors forward Draymond Green called out Olynyk for being a dirty player:

Really? I mean, REALLY? Of all people, you thought you had a right to determine who is a dirty player, Draymond? That's just nuts.

For real, man. I got a kick out of that.

This likely wouldn't even be talked about if it weren't for the Kevin Love incident that took place two years ago when Olynyk tugged on Love's shoulder while going for a rebound and made Love miss the rest of the playoffs. I'll admit that play looked pretty bad, but Celtics fans know just how awkward Olynyk is. He isn't very smooth out there, especially when it comes to rebounding and boxing out.

Former Celtic Evan Turner, one of Olynyk's good friends, acknowledged that the seven-footer isn't dirty, but just a straight-up bad rebounder (check out the hashtags in his caption):

"Not a dirty player... just can't rebound for shit." Sounds about right to me! By the way, would the man in this video really try to be intentionally hurting people? Nah.

A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com asked Olynyk about people calling him a dirty player:

“I don’t think I’m a dirty player. My teammates don’t think I’m a dirty player,” Olynyk said after practice Saturday. “It’s basketball. It happens. You have to set a screen, you box out, you have to do a lot of things. It’s not something you focus on. You just go out there and play the next game.”

The rest of the league is running with the idea that his screen on Oubre was dirty -- especially Cavs fans. After the whole Love injury, they were raining Olynyk with funny (I have to admit, they were pretty damn funny) insults on Twitter that were similar to Chance the Rapper's verse on Baby Blue where he fires off a list of inconvenient things that he hopes happens to someone. For example:

The next time you go to call Kelly Olynyk a dirty player, just please consider the degree of awkwardness that he plays with on the court. Then maybe you will think twice before sending him an extremely hurtful tweet like like the ones above.

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