CelticsLife Pod - Ep 018: Live reaction to the lottery, the C's options, and an ECF preview

The inaugural Draft Lottery Special! Topher and Mark recorded this while watching the lottery Tuesday night so you get their initial reaction to the Celtics win as it happened! They talk who the C's should select at #1 (*cough* Fultz) and whether or not a trade could be in the cards now that we know they've landed the top spot.

We talk trade vs pick, can Fultz and Isaiah Co-exist, and how best to capitalize on the development of being in this situation. It's been a wild season for the Celtics (and it's not over!) but this offseason is now set to get even wilder!

But first, bring on LeBron. Knocking off the Cavs might be a tall order but I fully expect the C's to give them everything they can handle. The nobody believes in us fits in this particular series more than ever and they've rallied around that all season long.

As always thanks for listening and any questions or comments drop em below or hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #CLPod. I still can't believe we won the effing lottery.

Sup Markelle?

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