Nets clinch NBA's worst record which guarantees Celtics top 4 pick; Who do you want? (poll)

With the Phoenix Suns victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight, the Nets have now clinched the NBA's worst record outright. The Celtics will have a 64.2% chance of picking in the top 3 and a 25% chance of owning the top pick. The lowest they can fall to is 4th.

The top of a draft board is a fluid thing, but right now the top 4 players are projected as Markelle Fultz, Lonzo (Don't blame him for how his dad acts) Ball, Jayson Tatum, and Josh Jackson. The Celtics are now guaranteed to get one of these four. If I had to choose right now I'd go Fultz, Ball, Tatum, one two three. Fultz would be ideal because his floor is still a 20+ ppg guard who you could also play next to Isaiah Thomas. Not scared off by Ball's dad and if he ends up being the best overall pick, I hope we take him. Tatum seems a tier below those two in star value, but if we picked 3rd and drafted him, I'd still be thrilled. A little scared off by Jackson's off the court troubles (and while also a Freshman, he's a year older than the other 3), but I know others love him.

In my dream scenario, the Celtics win the #1 pick, but the #2 team prefers a different player (say the Celtics want Fultz, but the Lakers REALLY want Ball). We then trade down to #2, get our guy, and a nice additional asset (say a future unprotected Lakers 1st rounder). Basically this is what I was hoping for in 2007. That we'd get the #1 pick and trade down one spot to a team that wanted Oden, so we could draft Durant and get an additional asset. Yes I know that's being a little greedy. I settle for the #1 pick and just taking our guy there.

Who would you pick #1?