Green Envy: What Brooklyn Nets fans said 4/10

Well, folks, the Schadenfreude Express AKA the Brooklyn Nets has made its regular season stop in Boston, with predictable results. Now that they have competent management and have pruned the fanbase down to my friend Larissa and three guys from Williamsburg who show up to be ironic, I almost feel bad for them....almost. Until that happens to all of us, however - and until they stop losing to us - let's kick back and enjoy a little of that tiny violin, playing the sad, sad song that seems to follow this team's every move.

It's a game of runs. Plenty of time to come back.Guys just need to play harder. Set hard screens, contest shots, make cuts off the ball.

(response) yeah, a game of Celtics running the Nets out of the building

Andrew Brickholson

Celtics are elite can’t believe we have to give this team our pick. It really is unfair.

Let's go Nets!!!

I have never seen Brook look more confident then he does under Kenny

Come on Brook!!!

Just wondering if savants on YES TV team are going to walk back prescient comments about how Hawks didn’t "look like a playoff team’" and were panicking and "buckling" in chase for playoffs.
Nets wore ‘em down and beat them fair and square. Like they’re gonna do against Celtics. Give credit where due and don’t badmouth another team.

Bulls will beat Celts in first round of playoffs.

Today Nets will win Celtics 1-5 scores Estimate

It would not surprise me, at all, if the celschits lose this game. This team is THAT inconsistent! If the milwaukee F's can beat boston, on their court, a week ago, then brooklyn can do it too!

Boston choked at home playing Cleveland, #$%$

brad stevens is smart
knows not to put IT on lin.

lins first step looking almost like his old self

Jeremy Lin is quite a rebounding point god

J Lin can't be stopped. Time to ruin Celtic's #1 seed chances!

Lin needs to play 40 minutes this game
if Nets want to have a shot at winning

meanwhile John Wall is having a career year and being beat over a guy
that doesn’t play D and has a crappy nickname

IT4 is uncreative and horrible, I completely agree
give me Wall in literally any situation over Thomas

IT won't be on the C's after next season
That’s a bet I’d be willing to make

He’s limited and getting older despite his underdog story

people in the other thread talked about how IT will have a hard time guarding our players
well the real question is can we guard IT?

The real real question is who can IT guard? lol

Lopez letting the shortest dude score on him...

Lopez 0/5 already .. someone needs to wake him up

Cold start for Brook. Need to get Lin going.

It doesnt help that Brook is stinking up the joint as well..

Brook looks like he lost his mojo

i absolutely hate it when brook 'can't buy' a bucket. its so frustrating

Cheap backdoor cover

If any of these guys playing for contracts actually want one
tonight is a good night to get one

Put Booker in…need some energy

Kelly Olynyk is destroying the Nets rn

This team looks out of sync big time
everyone looking apprehensive

Boston defense has been really good..

Goodwin is showin me a lot rn
hes showing me that he has no motor.. stop playing because he lost a contact? are u kiddin me

Our bigs set the worst screens. Not a single decent screener on the team.
They don’t even make contact most of the time. Meanwhile, our guards are getting CRUSHED by opposing bigs on PnRs.

Good god
We can’t buy a shot!

3 of 20
From the field. Ugh!

Kenny obviously doesn't care about bettering their pick
Why the hell is Nicholson out there?

Hamilton absolutely loosing Jerebko on an inbounds play
SMH that’s why Acy took his minutes

Billy Kings epic plans couldn't have gone any worse

That was tough to watch
Hamilton has to go. Guy looks out of his league out there.

Nicholson and Hamilton are HOT GARBAGE

I hate the Celtics so moisoing much.

one of the crappiest quarters i've watched all year
simply embarrassing

is the strategy - "let's play our worst 2 bigs who won't be in the NBA next year, at the same time, so we can get blown out by 30"?
cause it’s certainly working

I'm stuck listening to the Celtics trash excuse for a broadcast team
Tommy Heinsohn is the fat, low-IQ’d avatar for Celtics fans everywhere.

wow KJ Mcdaniels playing like dried up milk..

Hoping whoever they draft with this pick busts so hard they make Kwame Brown look like Kawhi Leonard

IT missed a layup, grabbed the offensive rebound, and layed it back in
All right in front of Brook’s face. I’m speechless

terry rozier is a blood

Nets could have beaten the Celts, Just too many lost opportunities. They're too relaxed at the start.

League Pass is hot garbage

Miami is about to tie the Cavs Boston is definitely going to finish #1 seed now

the reason why we didn't win this game is simple... you dont go down 27 pts to arguably the best team in the east and expect to win

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