Fred Hoiberg was having none of it from this reporter after suffering his third straight loss

The NBA playoff post-game pressers continue to be humorously delightful this year. You got Russell Westbrook saying how Patrick Beverly was "dreaming" about being first-team All-Defense. You got a confused Chris Paul chirping back at a reporter who asked if he'll be back (in Staples Center for Game 7) by saying how everyone was laughing at him. And then you got my personal favorite: the Grizzlies' head coach David Fizdale's amazing "take that for data" rant which he was fined $30k for. Just great stuff.

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg made for another classic post-game press conference after he watched his team turn a 2-0 series lead into a 3-2 deficit in Boston Wednesday night. Hoiberg began to voice his frustration after Game 4 after Boston secured a win to tie the series when the second-year coach complained that Isaiah Thomas travels on "every single possession".

Another loss later, and Hoiberg's frustration level further increased. I mean, he was probably like a 8.5/10 on the Salty Scale. This was his response when a reporter asked him if he saw Thomas carrying the ball at all during Game 5:

Classic. Hoiberg was not having ANY of it. I'd say that this even upscales Gregg Popovich in terms of short and uninformative press conferences that end abruptly.

To his defense, the reporter kind of had it coming for asking that question. Still, though, Fred is clearly not too amused with dropping three straight. On this pace, if his team falls at home to the Celtics on Friday and get sent packing, we should all be in for an interesting post-game press conference from a ticked-off Hoiberg.

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