Celtics coaches reportedly wanted Carmelo Anthony at trade deadline, could end up in Boston this Summer

Knicks are desperate to move on from Carmelo Anthony this summer

Well when you write for a New York newspaper offseason articles start pretty early. The New York  Post made news today, by claiming that the Celtics coaching staff wanted to pull the trigger on a Carmelo Anthony trade at the deadline, but Ainge said no because he didn't want to give up our summer cap space.

With the Celtics fading in the first round, the chances of Carmelo Anthony wearing green are increasing.

According to an NBA source, the Celtics coaching staff was in favor of trading for Anthony at the trade deadline, but general manager Danny Ainge had too many reservations. One of Ainge’s concerns, according to a source, was an Anthony trade would have given Boston no real cap space to work with for the 2017 free-agent class.

With the top-seeded Celtics possibly on their way to getting swept by the eighth-seeded Bulls, Ainge’s thoughts on adding Anthony could change this July.

The Post has learned that in talks with the Celtics, their defensive small forward Jae Crowder would be a major player of interest for Knicks president Phil Jackson.

New York Post writer Marc Berman is carrying water for Phil Jackson in this post. Berman later mentions the Nets picks the Celtics own. In reality, Carmelo Anthony will be traded this Summer, but it will be more of a scary dump trade than anything else. The Knicks would be lucky to get even Jae Crowder in a trade (Not going to overreact to two poor playoff games).

Also the Celtics aren't going to get swept by the Bulls. While Knicks fans have only the offseason to talk about right now, we're still busy with playoff business.

Ainge definitely din't want to give up that Summer 2017 cap space at the deadline. Personally I would have traded for Nerlens Noel. You could then have decided this Summer if he was worth a long term contract. Also before trading for Anthony, I would have tried to acquire Jusuf Nurkic. I'm not opposed to revisiting trade talks with the Knicks this offseason, but they would only take place if we struck out on Gordon Hayward in free agency (or other younger stars). And one last time, the Knicks are not going to get a Nets pick for Carmelo Anthony. That's typical New York nonsense.