Video: Highlights of all of Devin Booker's 70 points

Easier to appreciate an opponent dropping 70 on you when your team wins. Devin Booker's 70 points are the most ever versus the Celtics and only the 11th time in NBA history that a player has reached that plateau. Like most of those 11 games, things got pretty ridiculous towards the end which inflates the number, but still a very impressive feat for a 20 year old. The fact that he only connected on four 3's makes it even more impressive.

The Celtics and Suns have gone in opposite directions since the 2015 trade of Isaiah Thomas. One bright spot for Phoenix is they were able to draft Devin Booker that year. If they had retained Isaiah, who knows how many more wins they end up with and it's possible Booker isn't on the board for Phoenix. On the flip side, if the Celtics don't acquire Thomas, they undoubtedly end up in the lottery and would have been able to draft Booker.

Ainge actually lamented the one negative of trading for Thomas in season was that it hurt the team's draft position that year, but Ainge didn't want to risk waiting on a Thomas trade until the summer.