Green Envy: What Phoenix fans said, 3/24

If you have to lose, might as well make a statement, right? Not everyone on the Boston Celtics were happy about that statement - Devin Booker's 70-point explosion - but given that offense didn't come with a whole lot of defense, most Celts were OK with the bigger picture - but how did the Phoenix Suns fans feel? Let's take a look:

Retroactively Embarassing Comment From Games' First Moments:

One thing is becoming clear, the Suns need to add shooting before next season.

Super Sharp Shooter Shoots his Shot:

It's great the Boston crowd appreciated what Booker was doing.

They took away 3 points because of Dudley fouling.
The Boston crowd boos the referees.

Amazing night for DBook!

Fans are taking pictures of Booker. He now has 68 points. History is being made.

70 points for Booker!!!
Yea Devin.

Great night for the Suns. Booker drops 70!!!!!!!!!

Insane. Don't care how many shots he took 70 in an NBA game is crazy.

Hell 70 on 40 attempts is also pretty damn impressive

Wahoooooo! 70pts and a loss. What a weird combo to celebrate!

Gerald Green with Envy: 

When Gerald Green is hot... dear god

Gerald Green going for the Buckwheat look

Gerald Green is just like... really into Kriss Kross right now.

Gerald green acting like a total punk, go back to the d league you little gangsta.

At least he's got the right hairdo. What an a-clown.

Too bad for the celtics Green is using his one good game a month

I liked Green when he played with us but his hair looks really stupid.

The Best:

Booker could have had more if Barbosa didn't have such terrible tunnel vision on offense.

Booker definitely needs more help.

this is rough.

Ever thought it could get this bad.

So how long do
u guys think itll last til someone says if only we didnt trade IT.

Jones jr not impressing early

Jaylen brown playing really well to start

I was hoping he would be the 4th pick last year.
But of course, went right before us.

Booker always leaves his man open for 3

Welp nobody cares on our squad. Guys are tired.

this is a slaughter

We have what we wanted.

We got #3 locked up. If only the godforsaken lakers would win a few.

Too bad we shut down our tank commander too early.

I don't see us winning any games left on our schedule other than maybe Sacramento.

Wonder if the Lakers could win two of three versus the Wolves?

LOL at Watson trying a 2-3 zone against Horford/Olynyk

Another embarrassment.

Near flop by Dudley

no one will remember these last 12 games in 3 years if or when Jackson/Ball/or Fultz are playing like all stars

This game and the whole season have been a true test to my Suns fandom. I can't wait for the draft day. McD if you trade away this top3 pick for some aging vet I'm gonna lose it.

Thank God for Booker

I walked away after the first quarter and started watching again about halfway through the 3rd.
That was pretty amazing.

Thomas acting like a clown to tonight. Straight up being a hater

I'm telling you guys, Ball/Booker is backcourt 3000!!!
Those two guys will make Lavar Ball look like Nostradamus because they WILL be better than Steph/Klay.

God no. If the Suns draft Ball, here's gonna be the headline the next day: "LaVarr Ball: Lonzo is better than Nash, Barkley and Booker".

I don't understand why anyone besides a true masochist would want to draft Lonzo Ball. It's not even like he did anything special on the big stage when he played in the tournament.

I do not like to watch my team down 30 and being the laughing stock of the league.

Book needs one of his patented 27 point quarters. I'm switching over to the UCLA/UK game though

Booker making me not want to switch over

The Rest:

Speaking the obvious, but the Suns are not competitive without Bledsoe, Warren and Chandler.

I love this young team.

Does it seem to anybody else like players that leave the Suns hate them more than the average amount?

Fugly !

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