Ray Allen wasn't the only one who didn't get a 2008 reunion invite

Yesterday we talked about Ray Allen getting snubbed from the 2008 Boston Celtics championship team's 10-year reunion that's going down sometime, somewhere, this summer. Rajon Rondo is running the point on running the trip, and it seems Ray Ray isn't the only person who didn't get an invitation. Scot Pollard found out via Twitter yesterday that the celebration is going down:

This is actually kind of funny, because you just know that Rondo totally forgot about him. I mean, I forgot about him, but that's a little more excusable since I wasn't actually on the team. Pollard seemed a little pissed and I can't really blame the guy. Getting forgotten about is worse than getting black-balled like Allen for being a traitor:

I don't see Gabe Pruitt's name in there either, odds on Rondo not remembering him either have be a pretty safe bet. Pollard appeared in 22 games that year to Pruitt's 15, but he's also a big goofy guy that you would think might be harder to forget compared to the quiet rookie who only played two years in the NBA.

Per usual, the Twitterverse took the news and ran with it:

And apparently in "You learn something new everyday" Scot Pollard was on survivor? That's pretty cool:


I hope Scot gets an invite and this is something they can all laugh about, mostly because I need Ray to be left out by himself so he can think hard about what he did. Then maybe he can come to the 20-year reunion.

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