Green Envy: What Pistons fans said - 2/26

The Celtics and Pistons slugged out a sloppy 2nd half and the C's came out on top for the 3rd time this year finishing the season series with Detroit at 3-1. Isaiah Thomas wasn't his usual self in the 4th quarter tonight but Marcus Smart stepped up big with the game on the line making plays on both ends of the floor. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope led the Pistons in the scoring column and Reggie Jackson had himself a solid game, that is until he took the awful shot at the end...

Top Three:

You morons you're playing a team better than you. Go bombs away from 3.

I just dropped my Hotpocket! I BLAME REGGIE!

I maintain, despite the passage of time, a considerable amount of dislike for D. Ainge

Reggie with the brick:



Why Reggie? We didn’t need that

Dammit, Reggie


FOH Reggie


Reggie Jackson, please leave this town

Reggie lost this game

Reggie ruined it..


I cant believe that happened

I just hope that EVERYBODY gets in Reggie's face for that shot after the game

Things won't get better until we fix our Reggie problem

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That isn't an impressive starting unit. Who else is out besides Avery?

a win against the Celtics would feel sooooo good tonight

BOS is 37-21? Man, Brad Stevens must be a good coach.

This should be a fun one

Being good was really fun...

This is not fun to watch

Reggie doesnt look that bad tonight

Tobias Harris getting stripped in traffic…what’s new?

I would like to have Jaylen Brown on our team

Nice of Jonas Jerebko to honor Rip tonight by wearing a mask.
He's just self-conscious about how unattractive he is.

Down 4 to boston. Not bad

Refs love boston

Did Rip Shave it all off Or did he lose it all?
pretty sure he lost it. i don’t see any follicles

Did Marcus smoke a bowl with Sheed today?

Still not feelin’ those Motor City Unis or Stanley’s hairdo.

Marcus Morris is garbage

That call is so fuckin lame. Exists purely to keep the score balanced..

Fuck the Celtics. Fuck the refs.

this league is so soft

Drummond is really pissing me off. You’re playing the worst rebounding team in the league and he refuses to get an offensive rebound
Yes, Andre Drummond just said, "Fuck it, I am not going to try and get an offensive rebound."

The starters as a unit are so bad. They don’t know what they are doing.

I mean, seriously, that's not a coincidence that we start to suck almost instantly when our two "best" players step on the floor

I almost think vanGundy is tanking, because he is not using winning strategies

This lineup needs to stop. They just keep digging gigantic holes with their lethargic approach.

You would think with having all these legends back in the Palace, they would at least try

I step away from the TV for 10 minutes and all hell breaks loose.

I have gone from loving Drummond to hating him within a season

I still hate Danny Ainge!


I have 0 respect for coaches who use Hack a Dre

Take a seat Andre

If you don’t want coaches to do it, make your free throws.

Remember when Andre Drummond was shooting over 50% from the FT line at the beginning of the season? Good times

Good thing Drummond spent the offseason working on his free throws

Marcus Morris has the longest leash for fuckery out on the court I have ever seen.

This is the Reggie Jackson we need


Sheed sporting a signed Rip jersey

I'm not crying looking at Rip holding back tears, ok? It's just dusty in my room...

wow, it's gonna be hard watching our current team after this

Were the other jersey retirements this long

glad I stayed up for this; I don't even care whether we win or lose today

That was awesome. Now we get to suffer through the 2nd half

We step out of bounds more than any other team in the league

I love when the Celtics throw the ball away and they say it went off our leg…
This is all because of reggie's rant. At the end of last season
Are we actually blaming the officiating on Reggie now too?

Down 15 Jeez. We just aren’t good.

How does a 6’11" athletic freak miss a breakaway dunk?

Drummond u trash

Neil Diamond? Really?

Kelly Olynyk been Shaqtin this whole game

Gotta love Isaiah Thomas trying to flop on every play

Oh boy, hack-a-Dre again
1 for 10 from the line.

Should've traded dre..

Three straight chances to tie or take the lead. Couldn’t get it done.

I personally retain some ill feelings toward one Daniel Ainge

I could go for a vintage Reggie 4q right about now


I hate Marcus Smart with a burning passion

Take some of your own medicine fake Isaiah


Well Rip's ceremony was cool tho

Why is everyone here bitching about the refs?

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