Countdown to the trade deadline - YOUR view on a Drummond trade

When it comes to the (very remote) possibility of trading for Andre Drummond, CelticsLife readers are IN.

When Zach Lowe revealed Stan Van Gundy had been testing the waters for Big Penguin's trade value yesterday, it was only a matter of time before SOMEBODY connected him to the team with the biggest need for what Andre does best (rebound), which also happens to be the team with the biggest collection of assets (the Boston Celtics, in case that's not very obvious) we just cut to the chase and asked you how you felt about the idea. Fifty-five percent of you signed on to the idea without reservation, and another 36 percent were into it if the deal were right, good for third-best returns of all the potential targets discussed in this series to date (Paul George being first, and DeMarcus Cousins second).

This makes sense, because Drummond is already being spoken of as a franchise player at just 23 years old. There were quite a few of you with reservations, though - and rightly so. On one hand, there's some legitimate concerns (and a few misconceptions) about his character and ability, and on the other, his high value as a player would likely carry a steep price-tag to pry away from the Motor City, reflected in the second poll, which notes nearly three quarters of you would be reluctant to include a lottery pick in a trade. Let's take a look at those concerns.

Some of you seem to think he's an old-school plodding big man. You're wrong, but if you haven't watched a lot of him on the court, you'd be excused for not knowing. Drummond has very quick feet, able to guard down to the three and even some slower backcourt players in short bursts. He's got a decent handle for a near-seven footer, and can put it on the floor and slash a little on offense, and cover the perimeter in some situations as well, with very good passing ability for a center. But the problem is he doesn't seem to want to move away from the basket and make use of the raw gifts he has, likely one of the main reasons behind the Notorious SVG's testing the market for him in the first place.

He also tends to check out once it's clear the game is out of reach, unwilling to use sheer force of will to power his team back into games, and while his motor isn't the issue some seem to think, it is a concern if not addressed. Granted, he's been surrounded by hot trash most of his professional career, but a much less healthy Anthony Davis has never had that problem. And the shooting - oof. Whether from the free throw line, a nagging issue that has seen him benched in crunch time for years now, or further away from the basket during in-game action, he just can't seem to buy a bucket more than five feet out.

Except those ludicrous half-court shots, that is.

Which is the weird part of it - the inaccuracy seems to be mostly mental. His form is not especially bad, yet he bungles shots anyway. Perhaps a change of scenery is needed - new voices, techniques, expectations, and staff to unlock a literal mountain of potential. Or not - would it be worth the combined salary (an average of $25 million a year for the three remaining guaranteed seasons - he's got a $28 million player-option fourth year after) and assets to sign him, given the warts? Probably, if he could be had with only one of the Celtics bargain wing contracts (Avery Bradley or Jae Crowder), Amir Johnson or Tyler Zeller and a few other guys for salary matching purposes plus only ONE of the remaining Nets picks. If they wanted a couple more late firsts or early second-rounders, why not? But much more than that on either player contracts or high-value firsts would likely be too much for Danny Ainge, and is likely too low for Stan...though time (and Stan) are the only things that can answer that question.

Enough of my thoughts - let's take a look at what you all had to say:

Some of you bid high:

Some of you bid low:

And some of you bid in between:

Some of you want nothing to do with him:

And some of you have other ideas:

I don't know about you, but I just want it to be March already. Barring any credible last-minute rumors this week, this is likely the last of the Countdown to the trade deadline series. We'll shift focus to the 2017 NBA Draft after the deadline passes, and try out a similar format where you readers help select players to analyze at each of the copious potential picks Boston might choose at this summer. Thanks to those of you who took the time to participate - I hope it made slogging through the seemingly endless parade of trade rumors more bearable to read about - it certainly made it more fun to write about.

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