Today in Celtics history: Stacey King born

Today, January 29th, is the 50th anniversary of former Boston Celtics big man Stacey King's birth.

As far as being a part of Celtics' history goes, you can't get much more tenuous - the man has almost as many rings (three - from his time with the Chicago Bulls, where he won three years in a row with His Airness 1991 - 93) as he does games with the Celts (five - he signed a ten-day contract, but did not renew with a second, dissatisfied with how he was being used, and how the organization was being run under M.L. Carr).

No lamentations of what might have been are to be found here, though. King, as formidable of a center as once might have been in the first few years after being drafted by the Bulls sixth in the 1989 NBA Draft (having played his collegiate ball at Oklahoma), he was in the final moments of his career by the time he ended up in Beantown, playing another six games on a short term deal with the Dallas Mavericks before leaving the league for some overseas and the CBA (and now NBA D-League) Sioux Falls Skyforce, and leaving the pro ranks altogether at the close of 1999. For more on King's time in Boston, check out tb727's longform article here.

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