Green Envy: What Bucks fans said- 1/28

Coming into Saturday's night contest with the Bucks, the Celtics were fresh off a blowout W over the Orlando Magic the previous night. With the help of the extended rest for the starters, the C's were able to play Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder a combined 79 minutes in Saturday's overtime win over Milwaukee.

The victory pulled the Celtics even with the Toronto Raptors (29-18) in the Eastern Conference standings. The loss slipped the Bucks down a notch in the playoff race, and of course had their fans as miserable as a Milwaukee winter.

The biggest complaint of the night was the play of Jabari Parker. Dear Bucks fans, Boston will gladly take him off your hands.

The Jabari Hate is Real:

C'mon Jabari you're better than this.

Dude is so goddamn inconsistent

it seems to me that Jabari is weak mentally

Parker – Parker is the laziest player on the roster. He is an all star level talent though. I’d trade him for an all star level fast guard – NOW.

Kidd needs to realize that Jabari has played like hell and bench him in moments

Well we wont beat many playoff teams when Jabari plays like that

Bradley Center was rocking tonight. When Snell hit the second consecutive three, it was surreal being there. But the collective disbelief when Parker threw the ball out of bounds was even louder.

I don't even care about the offensive slump or bad TO, it's his defense that's the real problem. Had some mental lapses tonight that were flat out inexcusable. He's competely lost sometimes.

This is just a theory. Does anyone think the recent slump has anything to do with that drama with Jabari in the locker room? I'm not saying that is the reason but it is something to consider

Jabari lost us the basketball game. If he didn't play we win this game no doubt

I've seen enough of Jabari and Henson... no basketball IQ, very little situational awareness. Tough to watch talented players make so many knucklehead mistakes.

The worst thing on this game was when Giannis tied up the game at 90-90 all bench went zerg except Jabari that was spacing out and he seemed in his own little world.

Damn is Jabari a polarizing player. Some nights he looks like a future superstar and other nights (tonight) he looks 100% awful

Not really though. This was easily his worst game of the year.

jabari with a stupid ass turnover so that they have a chance to win it

I only stopped by after jabaris retarded fucking pass. I cant wrap my head around it

Tfw no Beasley or Brogdon instead of Jabari in crunch time

I know everyone wants to keep hating on Kidd. Yeah, there were some questionable decisions. But lets be realistic, Jabari is responsible for our L tonight. Even with his poor performance stats-wise. That retarded fucking pass at the end likely blew the game.

The life of a Bucks fan:


Jason Kidd is the equivalent of David moyes for you soccer fans in here


If I wasn't a life long Bucks fan I'd probably be disappointed..

Time to black out I guess

That was quite possibly the most complaining ever in a gamethread

inexcusable to sub out snell, who kept us in the game, for Jet to take the last 3. Seriously if you were to put anyone in at that situation it would've been Thon. Thon is the only reason we were able to light a spark in the middle of the game. I just don't get why Kidd snubs Thon and has a hard on for terry

First quarter killed us . we let them score 42 points ! WHAT THE FUCK .. Cant complain about today's effort,, I really dont know whats goin on with Jabari..Its ok if you cant score , everyone will have a bad day but at least play decent D..

Life Stinks:

Decent encapsulation of the season. WTF followed by holy cow they came back, then OMG they are gonna win, then FFFFFUUUUU inexperienced screwups, then a slow fart.

Sorry, but Kidd has fucked Giannis this month. Him not getting the ball in OT is 100% on Kidd.
Plus the whole game Giannis looked timid which is also Kidd's fault for not making him the center of the offense.

We have to eventually stumble our way into finishing a game? right? right?

Apart from those mistakes by Delly and Jabari at the end, we lost several defensive rebounds. Amir Johnson managed to grab that last one in OT, it killed us.

Are we at dumpster fire level yet?

id bet lots of cash if kidd were fired and hired an experienced coach we'd easily win an extra 10 games.

A few weeks ago I wanted to go to a game, now you couldn’t pay me to drive sit and watch these fools. Actually it’s just one big fool named Jason.

There was a #FireKidd campaign

Dunno man just....Someone needs to talk to Kidd and put some fire under his ass, maybe it will change something.

Might have to crowdfund it He’s owed like 20m and it’s not like he’s going to get another job to mitigate the severence

Maybe Take out a billboard, like we id a few years ago?

I didnt watch a game, but I feel that again Kidd is guilty

In all honesty What WILL it take for the FO to fire Kidd?

I can’t remember if any coach has ever been fired so early into his contract… plus I don’t think anyone will hire Kidd, so the Bucks would have to eat a pretty big chunk of money.

Dr Chim Richaldson • a year ago "Kidd should move into the head office and let Prunty coach

Well he was dead on.

Kidd – Let him sit in his normal state of paralysis next to Edens and Lasry during games, instead of next to Prunty. Give him the POBO title, he probably is the final say on most decisions anyhow, just formalize it. See how he does in the front office.

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