Today in Celtics history: Antoine Walker's 49-point game

Today, January 7th marks the 19th anniversary of former Boston Celtic Antoine Walker's career-high 49 points,

Walker tried to carry the Celts past the Washington Wizards, which saw a struggling Celtics squad fall 110 - 108 in a season the team went 36 - 46. Antoine, who shot 21 of 36 that night, attempted to carry the team as he did all that year, but could not bring much light to one of the darker eras in Boston's storied history - that night or that year. In spite of this - or perhaps because of it -Walker remains a fan favorite to this day.

Today is also two former Celts' birthday - Marquis Daniels and Todd Day. While they are from very different periods in Boston's past, both were important components of the rotation in their time. To recognize their part in Boston Celtics history, here's a pair of videos highlighting some of their time in green.

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