Jae Crowder, John Wall separated after post-game scuffle

In a night that Floyd "Money Team" Mayweather was sitting courtside, it's only natural that Jae Crowder and John Wall felt an urge to duke it out after a physical ball game. The Boston Celtics may have fought out a win against the Wizards at TD Garden last night, but that's not the only fighting that took place.

Alright, that's 100% an overstatement, but I'm glad I have your attention. Moments after the final buzzer sounded, some players on both sides were strolling around the court, looking to show some respect and dap up some friendly foes like they usually do. That's when Crowder found himself exchanging a few words with Wall and before we knew it, they had a bit of an altercation:

This scuffle caught enough attention in TD to garner five police officers to ensure it would not be escalated any further:

Wall and Crowder both have track records of being sporadic and reacting to things in the moment without too much thought, so let's do the math: A game full of physicality and trash talking + one-on-one post-game trash talking = a quick and brief scuffle like the one we witnessed last night. ESPN.com's Chris Forsberg got some quotes from Crowder and Wall themselves in the locker room that emphasizes how it's just another one of those "heat of the moment" exchanges:

"Just some altercation. We knew there was going to be some trash-talking," Wall said. "We knew it was going to be a physical game. That's all it was: Just a little trash-talking and a physical game."

Crowder didn't care to discuss what flared the incident.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I ain't got no comment about that," he said. "You want to talk about the game? Anyone want to talk about the game?"

A somewhat similar situation involving Crowder and the Wizards arose a year ago when Washington coach Randy Whittman apparently chirped and swore at Crowder all game long. Jae retaliated in the closing minute by talking back and earned himself a technical foul. Although they have Scott Brooks coaching this season, you can still see that Crowder has retaliated to Washington's trash talking in the past (and for good reason):

I'll end this post on a light note and give you this voice-over that perhaps was the real reason for the scuffle:

By the way, just in case things ever got really bad - like Malice at the Palace bad (which could never happen in today's game, but just go with it) - it's good to know we have Floyd Mayweather on our side.

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