Isaiah considering a number change for next season

Isaiah Thomas can get just about anything he wants in Boston these days. The star guard continues to break every insurmountable barrier he runs into, becoming an actual top-three scorer in the process.

Now that he has our attention, he's considering changing his number for next season. The ample amount of retired jerseys that are draped over the rafters of TD Garden makes selecting a preferable number on the Celtics increasingly difficult, but Isaiah's favorite number is still available right now:

Evan Turner rocked #11 on his back during his time in Boston, so the number has been free since his departure last summer. Well, at least it is for now -- that number may also be getting retired soon according to it's former owner:

In all seriousness though, this potential number change could bring some minor implications. For starters, IT4 flows much better than IT11. That's just how it is. More importantly though, the number four should have significant more meaning to Isaiah this season. Not only is he doing something extremely special with the #4, but especially in the fourth quarter. It's fitting that the "King in the Fourth" reps number four on his jersey!

But also though, what about the fans that spent their own money on IT4 merch? There are so many green or white fours that fill the Garden on a nightly basis. It's not that big of a deal - Paul George changed from #24 to #13 after his leg injury - but it's kinda weird, right? IT4 Isaiah recognized how it could impact fans:

What do you think of a possible switch from #4 to #11 for Isaiah next season?

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