Green Envy: What Rockets fans said 1/26

No love for the home broadcast:

the celtics announcers are unbearable

These Boston commentators are sooooo salty. You can hear one of them breathing heavily into the mic 😂

Unless you're this guy:

I kinda like watching the [Celtics] feed. It makes me feel like the villain. And I get to see all the faces of all of these poor Bostonians that are about to watch their team take an L.

Full slate:

Anybody know what our record is since gordon liked that porno post on twitter?

IT is one cocky dude. I really wish we could have shut him the hell up today.

Damn IT didn't even cross Bev wtf he yapping about? He's just quick. And all the Boston fans chanting 'MVP' really are delusional smh

Man, Thomas is a hell of a player.

James Harden is looking like Naomi Misora when Kira wrote her name in the death note.

Thomas humiliating Bev. One of those players is all talk

notice how brewer is the most positive. if that doesn't say something is wrong then nothing will.

All star break pls

I mean are we even going to try and win games anymore or?

they're not beating the 6er if they play like this let's just be real,

this game is going to be decided if IT gets hot or Harden gets hot. and harden is showing no signs of even feeling temperature.

We need more facial hair


F***ing Brewer. Coordination of a newborn giraffe.

Why does Ryan Anderson not go to work against Isaiah Thomas

'Member when we had the momentum in this game?

Remember a couple of years ago when Harden shot 37.5% from 3? That was cool

I'm not even watching the game and reading the comments is making me mad

Jordan Mickey love?
Random Question of the game #2: If you could meet any Original Disney character, who would you want to meet? My answer is Mickey. Why? Because it's Mickey.

We're all superstitious sometimes... 
Guys it's my fault. We've been playing a lot of Monday, Wednesday and Friday games lately that coincide with my personal training sessions. I haven't been able to watch a full game on those days and we always lose while I'm in the gym. :(

How often you guys think Brewer trips and falls just walking around at home?

harden only eats at the chillest restaurants so he wnats to go somewhere fancy, but dekker just wants some taco bell.

Sigh Im depressed from this big a** L.

Im going to get some KFC maybe Colonel Sanders can sooth this heavy feeling deep inside my rocket red heart.

contemplates madness or sadness

Might have heart attack, send help pls
Sending a hug all the way from down undah