Will Gerald Green get his chance?

It has so far been a bit of a bumpy reunion for Gerald Green and the Celtics. Once the early injuries that were plaguing the roster started to heal, rotational mintues for Green began to decrease. Yet, even with the DNP's starting to rack up, the 9-year vet will not let the lack of time on the floor stunt his progress with the team.

Sometimes being a good teammate and making contributions off the court is just as important as what happens on the floor. Coach Brad Stevens was quick to praise Green for his professionalism, noting that his time will eventually come.

The long NBA season can be tough on players, both Jae Crowder and Marcus Smart have a tendency to miss a few games here and there, due to some type of minor injury. If that were to happen down the stretch, along with rookie Jaylen Brown continuing to struggle scoring the ball, Green could potentially carve out a consistent role in the rotation.

Here is an example of the instant offense Green can provide the second unit: