The Celtics followed up a brutal first half in Memphis with perhaps their best half and win of the season

Boston was held to just 31 points in the first half of Tuesday night's game against the Memphis Grizzlies. They shot 29% from the field and trailed by 14. In the third quarter alone, they doubled their first half points, and finished regulation with 97 on the board.

Not only did the C's end up with the win (obviously most important), but they overcame a lot to get it. Isaiah Thomas' 36 points after halftime helped guide Boston's offense to an impressive comeback win. Checkout the difference in play from before intermission compared to after (including overtime):

The Celtics had a huge spike in their three-point shooting and their ability to draw (and take advantage of) fouls after the break. This in itself was striking, but considering the top-ranked defense that they were up against, it's even more impressive:

A win is always good. Overcoming a 14-point deficit against the top defense, and then closing it out in overtime (against a team that was 4-0 in overtimes this season) is great. They showed an ability to persevere and continue fighting after a brutal first half, qualities that defined past Boston teams and that have been absent for much of this 2016-17 season. I would be willing to say that the second half and overtime was the best stretch of Cetlic basketball so far this year, which led to what may also be their biggest win yet.

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Photo by AP Photo/Brandon Dill