Green Envy: What Bulls fans said 11/2

While the majority of Chicago residents watched their Cubs win the World Series, a few die-hard Bulls fans decided to sit back and watch their basketball team take on the shorthanded Boston Celtics. Sure, a NBA game in early November doesn't hold much weight up against a team trying to win their first World Series since the Teddy Roosevelt Administration, but still Bulls' faithful flooded their message board with complaints.

Most Hated Celtic of the Night: Amir Johnson

Amir Johnson hitting 3s? Jeez

how does that go in with that horseshit form also lol niko

WTF, always liked Amir Johnson, but still WTF

amir going steph curry

Wait... Is there such a thing as 'national TV Amir Johnson'? I’ll be damned

welp- gary washburn ‏@GwashburnGlobe 3m3 minutes ago- Amir Johnson hit four 3-pointers in his first SEVEN NBA seasons. He has four in the 3Q tonight. #Celtics

When Amir Johnson outscores your whole suck

Most Hated Bull of the Night: Nikola Mirotic

LMFAO!!!! trade Mirotic!

sit niko pls he’s done, he was barely making it to the bench

WTF Mirotic!! Where the f is the defense?

Niko is dog shit this game. Box out pls

Niko taking bad shots and missing good shots

jesus christ that was a nerve racking sequence


The Full Slate:

So they, like, run a lot now?

Lopez is only listed at 2.13m?

ah frickin rondo just lay it up

uggh rondo was wide open

dumbass refs don't know any better

I like Isaiah thomas but they are never going to win anything meaningful with him starting at 3. He is a liability come playoff time

Anybody want to guard the 3 point line?


So, our first loss of the season?

I know we all think felicio is a good player but he really is awful and shouldn’t be playing

Playing hack-a-bull out there 11 free throws attempted already

Crowder down Ow.

where is paul pierces wheelchair when you need it making the guy hop like that. smdh

swear I saw Rondo slide his foot back... such a nasty player... glad he’s on our side.. :wink:

fuck that call

Too much gel seeped into your brain ref

that is tragic

Good god.


ah too much mustard on the fuckin hot dog

Then...they started talking about the Cubs:

How many of you guys have the Cubbies on?

Obviously, because.. Well, fuck Cleveland

Plus, just seeing LeBron makes me angry. I was so pissed when Cleveland was going to the World Series, not only because I hate them, but because I knew I was going to see that motherfucker on the screen at every Indians home game.

The hate will unite us

Also, the karma of Cleveland losing a 3-1 lead....

Glory be to the God of Irony!

90% cubs, 10% Bulls Cubs are ruining my life.

Lol is baseball always this fun? Cubs just scored!

And now back to the Bulls:

These guys need to stop trying to drop off passes in traffic in the paint

The fact that we're even in this is astounding.

That was the ugliest shit I've ever seen lmao Least our rebounding is still on point

No love for our old friend Rajon Rondo:

Man Fuck Rondo

Rondo, WHY?!

Rondo WTF Passed so many easy shots and took such a dumb one at the end…

passes up on open layups shoots an 18ft airball yey

Do you guys think Rondo was purposefully trolling us with that shot?

Back to the Full Slate:

Just switched over from the Cubs and can somebody please tell me why the hell Niko and Bobby are on the floor during crunch time in a close game?

Because Hoiball.

saving them for the nba finals

Rumour has it Fred doesn't know, either Dark Bulls style, of course

Hoiberg is either a feakin genius or the most clueless coach in professional B-ball I’m thinking the latter though

I blame the awful new ESPN scoreboard and Fred

Such a shit loss. Why were Mirotic and Portis in?

We'll just have to settle for that 81-1 record

bobby had a couple key fuckups at the end

So close. We were down 16 and came back to make it a game in the final minute. Especially against Boston who’s been on fire from 3 the whole game. Not upset with this loss. Still don’t get Portis and Mirotic being in the game but whatever.

i guess he could’ve played portis at the 4 and sat niko with lopez in then. i still think it’s a fuck up

At least we have the Knicks next who have been blown out in 3 of their 4 games. #superteam

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