Anna Horford has some choice words for local media host's comments on her brother's absence

While her brother is known for being one of the easiest-going guys in the league, Anna Horford does not mince words when she thinks her family is being maligned, and last night was no exception.

Anna took issue with comments made by local media personality Mike Felger on her brother missing a game to be present for the birth of his second child, who was reported by MassLive's Jay King to have said:

"He had the birth of his kid in Atlanta ... The game was in Miami. I know when you make $30 million a year it ain't much to get a private jet ... It's about a 90-minute flight to Atlanta. Play the game and come right back ... if there were complications then OK, take that all off the table. If the mother or the child or something happened where there were complications, then I totally understand ... but if this is a generic child birth?... Play the game."

Evidently, Anna wasn't alone in being offended by Felger's comments, either:

Felger, who is known throughout the region and in the media for being something of an incendiary figure when it comes to sports coverage, may have picked the wrong time to imply that Al Horford wasn't earning his keep. It's been no secret fans were frustrated with his nine-game absence to a concussion, but neither brain injuries or childbirth - both very serious life events for very different reasons - were cause to give Horford grief for doing the right thing in both situations.

Some were surprised to see Horford's wife, a former Miss Universe - who has been vocal in support of her husband before - on social media defending her new child's father from ungrateful local fans so soon after giving birth.

It was not his wife, though - Anna is his sister - and evidently this is not the first time it has happened. Lesson learned, Boston fans - give this guy (and his family) the love and support he deserves. We are lucky to have him - offcourt issues and all - and are looking forward to more of his on-court wizardry soon.

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