USA Today's NBA predictions like the Celtics

USA Today came out with their predictions for the upcoming NBA season, and they like the Celtics. Out of the 7 writers polled, Brad Stevens got 3 of their votes for Coach of the Year, the most of any coach in the NBA with Utah's Quinn Snyder next with two.

The Celtics were also predicted as Atlantic Division winners by 4 of the writers, with the other 3 going with Toronto (obviously incorrectly). Our boy Jaylen Brown even got one tally for Rookie of the Year.

Obviously predictions mean absolutely nothing, but it does show the shift in perspective on what place the Celtics occupy from outside points of view around the league. It not only looks like the Celtics are ready to make a leap into the top echelon of the East, and to a somewhat lesser extent the entire league, but it also looks like a lot of people in the league are expecting it.

Photo Credit: Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

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