Jaylen Brown impressing Celtics veterans early

With the start of the new season just around the corner, rookie Jaylen Brown is looking to solidify a consistent role with a crowded Celtics roster. Through his first five preseason games, Brown has gained a lot of attention from his veteran teammates, all of whom have been impressed by the 19-year-old.

Avery Bradley had this to say when talking about Brown's immediate impact, via Taylor Snow of Celtics.com:

A lot of people would probably think that Jaylen would be [committing] a lot of charges and things like that, but he’s making the right play,” said Bradley. “If he doesn’t have an open layup, then he’s kicking the ball out to an open 3. He’s going to help our team out a lot. He’s a threat to the basket. He’s very strong and a very smart player.

Certainly high praise from a respected veteran player like Bradley, who was not the only one that expressed similar thoughts towards the third overall draft pick. Even newcomer Al Horford has also been discussing some of the attributes that Brown brings to the table:

I always get excited when he gets in the game because I just want to see what he’s going to do,” said veteran big man Al Horford. “It seems like he’s always getting a highlight play, and I think that’s just a preview of what we’re going to see this season.

With all this early preseason buzz, it is important that Brown carries this momentum into the NBA regular season. Though he is on a jam-packed roster, fans should expect to see Jaylen play a fair amount given his recent success up to this point.

Coach Brad Stevens, like the veteran Boston players, continued to discuss the full potential of Brown's game:

I’ve said from Day 1,” said Stevens, “if Jaylen can defend a couple of positions and if he can make an open shot on the catch and shoot; if he can drive and cut and figure out the times to do that, then those will be great separators for him because he has some gifts that will allow him to be on the court with his body, his frame, his quickness and everything else.

Even as a teenager, Brown has the chance to potentially play a vital role for a playoff contending team. The overall success of the Celtics season does not revolve around number seven yet, but if his developing skills turn out to be ahead of schedule, coach Stevens will certainly use his athleticism and maturity to an advantage.

Has Jaylen Brown already surpassed the expectations of the draft day critics up to this point?

Photo Credit: Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE

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