Jae Crowder has a bone to pick with the Patriots

The New England Patriots gave their fans at Gillette Stadium what they paid for on Sunday with a big win in Tom Brady's home debut. Not everyone was left satisfied, however. As an attempt to indulge in the rich Bostonian sport culture, Celtics forward Jae Crowder was interested in taking a trip to Foxborough to show his support for the Patriots.

As it turns out, Pats tickets are even pricey for the $35-million man. He used an all caps Twitter status to express his concern:

I'm sorry, what? We love you Jae but c'mon now, man. I agree that the Patriots should throw some free tix your way or at least give a discount here and there, but you can afford to get as many tickets as you want! Nothing stopped Isaiah Thomas or Jaylen Brown (who watched from his college-budget nosebleed seats) from making it to a Pats game earlier in the season. I'm sure you can manage.

That being said, Crowder has some reason for being a bit upset. For starters, he apparently got free tickets to Dallas Cowboy games during his time with the Mavericks. Here's his response to when former Mavs teammate Brandon Wright commented on his initial tweet:

Yea but, Jae...this ain't Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys, this is Tom freaking Brady and the New England Patriots!

In addition, remember when Patriot players supported the Celtics at their playoff contest with the Hawks in April? According to our good friend Evan Turner, the C's hooked them up for the game:

Crowder replied with:

Will the Patriots please put some respek on this man's name? #UNBELIEVABLE #NOLOVE

Look, you gotta respect Crowder for trying-- there's nothing wrong with being financially cautious. Just because he's loaded with money now doesn't necessarily mean he should overpay for football tickets if he feels they are too pricey. I mean, Kawhi Leonard is still out here cruising in his 1997 Tahoe from high school and cutting out coupons to use. This world is all about connections, so maybe TB12 can make something happen in the future:

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