Boston Celtics now second-most betted-on NBA team to win it all

You could say the Celtics are a lucky team.

After all, you don’t win a league record seventeen banners without a little bit of friendly bounce, even if the level of skill, dedication and grit behind them are second to none. And you don’t complete one of the best rebuilds in the modern era of the NBA in record time without a few things (OK - several) breaking your way, either.

Even people who don’t especially like Boston are getting on the hype train.

As we previously reported, ostensibly objective sports analysts and oddsmakers alike have taken note of Boston’s prospects this season, ranking them as high as in the top four most likely to win it all. With the recent announcement of the retirement of Kevin Garnett, and the imminent retirement of Paul Pierce to follow next summer, the post-"Big Three" era rebuild seems firmly in the past, and a new era of contention built on a truly “Ubuntu”-esque ethos has risen from its ashes.

The buzz is palpable.

It probably also explains why Boston is now the second-most betted-on team per the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook, reportedly the world’s largest sports and racing book, behind only the New york Knicks. Irrational exuberance? Perhaps, though not on the level of those Knickerbocker fans, to be certain. There’s some substance behind this flurry of wagers, and we don’t have much longer to wait to find out what this year’s Celtics squad will pay out - on the court, or on the strip.

Photo via AP Photo/Michael Dwyer
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