Video: Brian Scalabrine visits SportsNation to ensure people get dunked on

Last Friday, everybody's favorite mamba Brian Scalabrine had a guest spot on ESPN's SportsNation. Scal and co-conspirator Greg Jennings had some fun at the expense of the show's crew:

As if dunking on somebody's head isn't emasculating enough, diabolical move by Jennings to hit poor Tommy with the "What are those!?!"

Scal was great with the diversions and Jennings was solid on the dunks, but the real MVP here has to be the hoop guy. If you didn't laugh out loud when he came sneaking up from behind the cubicles I don't know what to tell you.

For all we know, Scalabrine is still watching the clip now...

Here's the hilarious full Facebook live video from the SportsNation page if you've got 12 minutes to spare:

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