The five best Kevin Garnett interviews

Unless you have been living under a rock over the last couple of days, you will know by now that Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett called it a day on his 21-year career on Friday.

The long list of tributes are still flooding in, remembering the unique mark that The Big Ticket made on the game. His on-court intensity, leadership and explosiveness made Garnett one of the most recognized sportsmen in the world.

During his time in Boston, Garnett also found a way to have an impact even when he wasn’t competing. NBA folklore presents the 2008 NBA Champion as one of the most dynamic and eccentric personalities in the game.

Broadcasters jumped at any chance they had to interact with Garnett, as they knew that he would always provide them with content that could entertain, inspire or educate.

Below are the five best Kevin Garnett interviews during his tenure as a Celtic:

#5 – ‘I Just Knocked The Bully Out’

Following Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals, a clearly emotional KG takes to the podium to explain his mental state after winning a championship. He used an analogy, comparing the challenges that he overcame to become a champion to a high-school bully:

#4 – KG’s message for the naysayers

Speaking to Doris Burke after a huge win against Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals, Garnett is hyped.
When asked what fuels his performance, KG credits competition, the naysayers and ‘the owners that talk too much’, before engaging with the camera in what can only be described as a death-stare.

Atlanta Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon Jr. had called Garnett ‘the dirtiest player in the league’ a month before the interview and clearly the remark was not forgotten:

#3 – Craig Sager needs to burn his clothes

In a hilarious exchange with the legendary reporter, Garnett was on hand for some helpful fashion advice. Sager is known for his flamboyant attire, but the future 15-time NBA All-Star thought that it had gotten out of hand:


After an impressive comeback win against the Orlando Magic, Garnett is especially intense during his post-game interview. With the adrenaline running through his veins, the forward goes off on a tangent, before realizing he hasn’t even been asked a question:

#1 – Anything is possible

The most well-known Kevin Garnett quote also took place after he finally won an NBA championship. During the interview, the relief that he is feeling is there for all to see as he lets out all of his emotions at once.

Speaking on the hardwood of the TD Garden, Garnett lets out a cry that gave birth to his most popular mantra – 'Anything is possible!':

As the NBA community pays tribute to the player that he was, it’s important to remember the value that Garnett’s personality brought to the game.

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