Is the Boston Celtics depth their best quality? Mike Zarren believes so

Going into the new season it's tough for Celtics fans not to be overly optimistic about their new roster. Now it seems as if the team's front office is no different from your average fan:

This season the Celtics are returning nine guys who played a role with the team last year. With the additions of All-Star center Al Horford, rookie Jaylen Brown, and journeyman Gerald Green, head coach Brad Stevens now arguably has one of the deepest 12-man rotations in the league.

But, even an incredibly deep roster comes with its own set of pros and cons. With this, one of the hardest challenges facing coach Stevens will be how he decides to distribute his limited mintues.

Should the Celtics lean heavily on their stars? Do young guys like Jordan Mickey and Jaylen Brown deserve mintues over proven veterans like Jonas Jerekbo and Gerald Green? Will the team limit mintues to prevent fatigue, or utilize its bench once tiredness starts to kick in? These are all questions Stevens and the coaching staff will have to address at some point throughout the year.

None the less, Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens have put together what should be one of the more competitive squads in the NBA. And according to Assistant GM Mike Zarren, fans can rightly be excited for the future of their organization.

Photo Credit: Matt West

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