ESPN Summer Forecast calls for Celtics to take another step forward

It's summer time. July giving way to August signals the slowest time of the year for NBA action. Tumbleweeds might be blowing across the NBA landscape right now, but it's never too early to speculate on what might be different next season than last.

ESPN tries to fill in this gap with their Summer Forecast series, and this week has their panel's predictions on team turnarounds. Despite last year's jump up from 40 wins to 48 wins, the panel slots the Celtics in their top six teams to improve next season. The Celtics were the only team to make the playoffs last year and earn a spot in the top six. Tied for fourth place were the Sixers and Pelicans, in third were the Bucks, in second were the Jazz, and the biggest turnaround was predicted for the Wolves.

To be the only playoff team slated for an improvement this coming season is another sign this Celtics team is heading in the right direction. The Al Horford signing coupled with the continued development of the Celtics young nucleus were enough for this particular panel to conclude that the Celtics would make the most dramatic leap among the participants in the 2016 postseason.

Kind of unbelievable that a predicted 10 win bump to the Sixers win total still only projects out to 20 wins.

Not on the list? You guessed it. The Brooklyn Nets.

Photo Credit Raj Mehta USA Today