Did you know Jaylen Brown's father is a 7-foot pro boxer?

Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown is listed at 6'7" and 223 pounds.  By all accounts, he's a fairly enormous human being.  However, Jaylen's size pales in comparison to that of his father Marselles, a seven-foot tall professional boxer.

The 48-year-old Marselles, who goes by the screenname M.Brownzilla on Instagram and fought his first pro bout in January of 1989, recently came out of retirement:

A photo posted by Marselles Brown (@m.brownzilla) on

The elder Brown sites his sons, in particular Jaylen, as his reason for getting back in the ring.  Via Boxing24/7.com:

My main motivation for coming out of retirement was to show my kids that I never gave up on my dreams. So I didn’t want them to give up on theirs. I am extremely proud of both my sons. I am especially proud of Jaylen. He is an extraordinary athlete and very smart, he’s even planning to go to Harvard next year, so I am extremely proud of both my sons, really. The only advice I could give them when entering into the professional arena, they are going to be in for a rude awakening. They are going to see how nasty the entertainment industry really is. I want them to know to stay on course and don’t let anybody distract them and they’ll be just fine.

Since being taken No. 3 overall in the draft earlier this summer, Celtics fans have heard a great deal about Jaylen's athleticism.  Clearly he's got the right genes.

Top photo via AP/Frank Franklin II

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