Brad Stevens touts Jaylen Brown's work ethic and eagerness to learn, says he'll be a solid 3-point shooter

Celtics coach Brad Stevens was recently a guest on The Vertical Podcast with Chris Mannix.  Among other things, Stevens spent a good deal of time discussing rookie Jaylen Brown.

On what separated Brown from the pack at the No. 3 pick:

His size, his athleticism, his strength, his desire to get better, all of those things added up to 'there's a lot of transferable skills to the NBA.'  His ability to guard multiple positions.  He showed in summer league a great ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the foul line.  And, there's a lot of room for growth--there's a lot of things he can do to get a lot better.

Does Stevens see Brown as an NBA three-point shooter?

I think he'll be absolutely fine with continued work.  The bottom line is I do believe in him, his work, I believe in his touch.  I believe in the desire to improve.  I believe that he'll be a deliberate worker, a guy that gets in the gym and works on the right things.

Brown went 5-for-22 (22.7 percent) from deep in summer league, but that's a meaningless small sample size.  For comparison, Klay Thompson is currently 2-for-13 (15.4 percent) at the Olympics in Rio.

Stevens also spoke about what he saw from Brown in a pair of pre-draft workouts, citing a player's coachabilty as the most important thing he looks for:

He's a guy that really wants to be coached, he wants to learn, he wants to grow and it's important to him.

Celtics fans will get their next look at Brown when training camp begins in just over six weeks.

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