Avery Bradley says his goal is to be Defensive Player of the Year (w/ video)

Here's the full quote from Avery Bradley via Chris Forsberg of ESPN.com:

That’s my goal: To be Defensive Player of the Year. I feel like [the award is] possible for me if I go out there with the right mindset. 
The only thing I wanted to change in the past was being a little bit more disciplined on the defensive end. Last year I was definitely disciplined. I didn’t reach as much; I was trying to be solid to help our team. But this year is going to be a mix of both because I feel like I’m capable of being even better because I got a chance to learn from my mistakes in the past and now I know exactly what I need to do.

Bradley finished sixth in the balloting for the award last season, but he did receive the most votes of any guard for All-Defensive First Team (and the third-most overall).  He was also the only player in the NBA to cover more distance on defense than on offense.  A DPOY award for Avery in 2016-17 is very legitimate goal.

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