Video: Scal breaks down what Celtics sales pitch should be to Kevin Durant

The Celtics sale pitch to Kevin Durant shouldn't be that hard. Durant isn't going to just sign with the Celtics unless they also add other major pieces. The Celtics just happen to have the cap space to also sign Al Horford. Still not enough? Well we also have the draft pick assets for Ainge to finally overpay (or make a "fair deal" if you want to believe other salty GM's) for another all-star like Jimmy Butler. Trust me if Ainge knew he could sign Durant if he went ahead with the Jae Crowder + #3 + #16 for Jimmy Butler trade, Butler would be a Celtic right now. While Jaylen Brown isn't as appealing to the Bulls as Kris Dunn is, you can't tell me that both the 2017 and 2018 Nets picks combined don't have similar value.