Should the Celtics take a chance on Larry Sanders?

New England has been infatuated with a Sanders during the wild presidential campaign season, and while Bernie can maybe ball, the Celtics might want to take a gamble on another Sanders. Fortunately, there's one trying to get back into the NBA:

Larry Sanders left the NBA in 2014 for personal reasons after a great, breakout season in which he averaged 9.8 points, 9.5 rebounds and 2.8 blocks. Now, he's looking to get back in, and he's dropped some hints on Twitter:

But the Celtics, who need a center, and could benefit from an elite rim-protector, could be a great option for Sanders, especially because they have the most space to sign Sanders. Along with that, in an interview in March with Basketball Insiders, Sanders talked about how he only wants to go to a team that will be a great fit:

I’ll say this: I understand who I am as a player and I know what I can bring to any team. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to watch a lot of basketball, I just know what I would do on that court. Even from an effort standpoint, I know I can [play harder than a lot of players]. With the kind of player that I am, I just don’t see a team that couldn’t use my services. But I will say, I think it would have to be a very good fit for the both of us. And I think it goes outside of what’s happening on the court – there has to be a connection there.

And the Celtics could be that place. Players have lauded the team chemistry, saying everybody in the locker room loves hanging out with each other, and the fans can be motivation too. Plus, the Celtics aren't too far away from contention, which could mean a lot to the big man:

And if Sanders can help secure that ring for the Celtics, I think it would be a worthwhile gamble.

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