Jared Sullinger could return to Celtics on one year deal

Jared Sullinger gets too much hate from Celtics fans. Usually the attacks are centered on his weight with the assumption that he's chubby because he's lazy or eats too much. You know what they say about assumptions? Regardless based on his play, I wasn't too keen on his return. If there was one Celtics free agent I would have been fine with Danny signing to a long term deal it would have been Evan Turner. That ship sailed when Evan Turner signed a 4 year contract with the Blazers early in free agency.

It was sort of assumed that the Celtics would let Tyler Zeller and Sully walk. I mean we already have Horford, Jonas, Olynyk, Amir and Mickey as bigs in a league that is playing only 1 big at a time very often. Only so many minutes to go around. That said, I'd be fine with either Sully or Zeller back on 1 year deals. Wouldn't hurt our cap space next Summer and maybe we could parlay them into an asset via trade. Worst case scenario they would be injury insurance.

In other years I'd hope for a Sully sign-and-trade, but with the extreme cap jump, so many teams are under the cap, so the need for a fancy sign-and-trade isn't necessary. Still it's a bit odd that so many stiffs got big bucks early in free agency yet interest in Sullinger isn't there. I'm not sure I'm buying the restricted free agency excuse. It's not like the Celtics have come out and said they will match a large offer. Pretty sure if some team had offered Sully 4 years, $50 million, the Celtics wouldn't have matched.

Now that offer might not offer might not appear as big men are starting to get signed for small money. Maybe Sully's "Change is coming," tweet wasn't about going a new team, but ditching his agent who may have misread the free agent market.