CSNNE reports that Kevin Durant visited Boston on Friday and flew back to New York with Tom Brady

Color me very skeptical on this CSNNE report, but they are reporting that Kevin Durant visited Boston on Friday and flew back to New York with Tom Brady.
Durant reportedly flew to Boston on Friday, and then flew back to The Hamptons on Saturday with Tom Brady.

Various Celtics players have posted photos with Brady on social media, though it’s difficult to tell if they were taken before or after the flight.

Either way, it’s possible that Durant was also on that plane. And if that’s the case, then Celtics got extra time with him aside from their ongoing meeting on Saturday.

I highly doubt that Kevin Durant right after long meetings with the Spurs and Clippers on Friday, decided to fly up to Boston for the evening. It's not like he hasn't visited Boston a handful of times prior as a NBA player. CSNNE is obviously a legit source, so we're passing this report on, but again I'd take it with many grains of salt. Regardless, we'll know in less than 36 hours which team Durant has picked.

Update: 1:35 AM
CelticsLife columnist Danielle Hobeika was quick to add that CSNNE likely got the report from this NY Daily News column posted earlier:

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