We asked Celtics fans to sell Kevin Durant on Boston in 140 characters or less, here's what we got

Come play with Isaiah and bring a friend!

The basics:

Along the lines of sustainable success, here's what ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton wrote today:

The stable coach/GM scenario is big:

Some fans are a bit down on Danny Ainge at the moment following the draft, but the coach got a lot of hype:


Maybe too thoughtful?

A little creepy:

The mock LeBron approach:

That one was missing 16, 17 and 18, but this one finished the alley-oop:

The "you'll be the man" argument:

I think this one is huge.  Durant is never going to be the best he can possibly be alongside Russell Westbrook.  There are just too many possessions where he never sees the ball.  The Warriors already have Steph (and Klay and Draymond), the Clippers have CP3 (they probably have to trade Blake to get KD), San Antonio has Kawhi and Miami has Wade.  Boston is the place with the best chance to get the most out of Durant without him being in anyone else's shadow.

The Legal Sea Foods approach: This guy's farm better be unreal.

Other temptations:

(It's Southie, by the way.)

In case KD has the same values as my mom:

Building naming rights?

Any chance I can to include this Pierce video:

Durant would have to be pretty cold to turn this down:

Or this:

Interesting thought, but obviously requires the above above Lewis plan first:

Solid history of forwards named Kevin--McHale, Garnett, Gamble (OK, too far).

Speaking of legends, I want Russell in the room for sure for this July 1 meeting in NYC.  Bill Walton telling Bird stories might help too:

Celtic Pride:

Does OKC have an awesome 80s sitcom?

And finally...

For the record, I know grammatically the title should contain the word "fewer" instead of "less," but it just didn't sound right.

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