Reggie Lewis' mother gives blessing for Celtics to offer late son's #35 to Kevin Durant

Great read on CSNNE right now featuring the above graphic as well.

I asked Lewis’ mother, Inez Ritch, how she’d feel if the Celtics asked for her blessing to offer No. 35 to Durant as a tribute to her son.

“I don’t think it would take anything from Reggie because his number is still hanging up in the Garden,” Ritch told me over the phone. “If I see Durant running up and down the court with the No. 35, I don’t know how my emotions would be until it happens.

"I don’t think I would be upset about it. I think it would be a good thing because he is a very nice, humble young man. I don’t know a lot about him, but I know of some of the things he has achieved while wearing the No. 35.”

I absolutely love this. Ms. Ritch is 100% percent correct in that it would be no disrespect to Reggie. His number would still be in the rafters. I've always liked the idea of the Celtics honoring their former players/legends, but never understood the short sighted reasoning of never allowing another player to wear a certain number. It's very common in sports for athletes to choose numbers to honor their favorite players, fathers, fallen friends, etc.

As excited as I would be for Durant to join the Celtics, I'd be even more thrilled to see him wear his 35 and honor a former Celtic who grew up just one hour away from him. Would love to see Bill Russell at next week's meeting present Durant with a #35 Celtics jersey.