Nets News (aka Celtics News): Pacers acquire Thad Young for pick #20

Larry Legend does it again. Very solid starting 5 of Teague, Monta, George, Young, & Turner. The Nets are wisely going with the water under the bridge approach to the Celtics owning their picks and deciding to rebuild rather then to tread water, hoping to be a long shot playoff team. If they can get something for Brook Lopez, expect him to be traded as well. Lopez poses the same problems as Okafor does in Philly though. He's a center that doesn't fit in today's game. I wouldn't want him on my team.

Barring something crazy, the Celtics should have another top 5 pick next season. Thanks Billy King for not putting protections on the picks!

In other news:

The Hornets continue to be a top 2 worst run franchise. The Nets would be wise to scoop up Lamp and pick #22 for free. Personally I'd like to see the Celtics do it. Then package #22 and #23 for like #17. The #16 and #17 for #12.