Updated: Kevin Durant to meet with Boston brass Saturday, but the odds aren't in the Celtics' favor

Looks like Boston will be one of the last teams Kevin Durant talks to before deciding his future.

That's a good sign, as far as signs go. You want to be as fresh on his mind as possible before he makes a decision.

Unfortunately, the Las Vegas oddsmakers don't put much stock in Durant wearing green.

But then again, Durant was the one who brought up Boston in a conversation with Isaiah Thomas, according to Thomas. From the Boston Herald:

“I’ve talked to (Kevin Durant) a few times,” said Thomas. “All I can tell you guys is that he loves the city of Boston.”

Durant, who's set to become a free agent tomorrow, is so intrigued about the Celtics and Boston that Thomas didn’t even have to work that hard to wedge his team into the conversation.

“With Kevin, we were just having casual talk and he actually had brought it up about Boston. So that’s a good sign,” said Thomas.

The Celtics guard said the two talked about the city, Danny Ainge and head coach Brad Stevens.

So what do we make of all this? Not much. Durant could come to Boston and push the team to contender status. Or he could stay with the Thunder. Or he could join the Spurs and Warriors to chase rings. The only one who knows is Durant and its very possible he really has no idea what he will do yet.

It's an exciting, nerve-racking time of year. By this time next week the Celtics could have already held introductory press conferences for their newest signings with Durant and Al Horford or Dwight Howard. Or they could make a trade for a guy like Jimmy Butler. Or they sign lesser free agents and continue the youth movement with the focus on developing guys like Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown.

Whatever the outcome, Boston's future looks very good. But for now, hold onto your butts.

Update: Looks like Ainge will have to pull out all the stops. From Marc Spears at The Undefeated:

“His decision is 90 percent made. It would take an amazing sales pitch to change it,” said one of Durant’s longtime friends.

Another Durant colleague said, “It’s going to take some sweet-talking to get him to pass up all the money he can get by staying in OKC.”

We'll see just how sweet Ainge can talk.

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