Don't forget that Jaylen Brown said he's ready to rip people's heads off

Yes. Kevin Durant watch is in full effect. But the Celtics also had the third pick in the draft and selected someone who might actually be amazing at basketball and quite possibly life in general. He already seems like he might be your favorite Celtic's favorite Celtic. Let's roll through some Jaylen Brown highlights to get us reacquainted with the Celts' top pick after the sting of Danny's failure to find a draft day deal for a star has worn off a bit.

First off, a disclaimer. Jaylen Brown will probably not win Rookie of the Year:

Mainly because the Celtics will be good again and ROYs typically have high usage rates on horrible teams.

But ROY honors are for chumps. So are agents that negotiate rookie contracts. Here's a few highlights from Jaylen Brown's first interviews with the Boston media. Seems like he might fit in to this Celtics team just fine.

His twitter handle is a mantra. Not sure I feel about it, part of me feels like he should write it in sharpie on generously sized strip of masking tape and stick it to the inside of his locker as opposed using it has his handle on the world wide web. But, let's face it, Millenials are just wild about the internet these days. Regardless, it's not the worst thing to brand yourself as someone who works hard:

Like a young Billy Madison, he went to school to learn, not to make out with you.

On one hand, you have a guy who's talking about ripping people's heads off and going to war for the city of Boston. On the other, you have a guy who's puffing up his educational aspirations to the Boston sports media as if he were interviewing for a job on Wall Street. Jaylen Brown is a true renaissance man. Who dunks.

Photo Credit Boston Herald John Wilcox
Video via David Golick.