Eye On The Draft: Kris Dunn

While Danny Ainge has done a solid job drafting NBA caliber players, he has struggled in his 12 years to draft star players. His top two picks were Al Jefferson and Rajon Rondo, but no one close to an all-star since then. Ainge's stance on drafting the best player available regardless of position (Which is absolutely the right thing to do) leads us to Kris Dunn being a possibility for the Celtics at #3. Dunn plays the point where the Celtics already have an all-star at the position, but the Celtics, despite having a lot of guard depth, are thin in the ball handling department. If Evan Turner were to leave, basically you'd have only Isaiah Thomas left who can run the offense.

To those that would complain, "Another guard?!" I'd reply have you been watching the NBA the past couple years? The center position is dead. Going small is the new black. I'd be much more concerned about having too many bigs than having too many guards.

You could also see the Celtics selecting Dunn at #3 for the purpose of trading him on draft night. He's definitely an intriguing prospect. Apparently DraftExpress has disabled embedding their videos, so here are Dunn's strengths and weaknesses videos.

What are your thoughts on Dunn?

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