30 Years in 30 Days: Day 6- How good would Len Bias have been? Vote in our poll

How do the '91 semis vs Salley and the Pistons turn out if Len lives?
I've done a lot of talking over these past 25 days but now it's time for the fans to sound off.  How good would Len Bias have been?  Was he the rival Michael Jordan never had, the Magic Johnson to Larry Bird of his era?  Would he have been a total washout because of the drug usage?  I decided to pick several guys, mostly based on position (excluding Chris Washburn who was a center but picked behind Len Bias in the 86 draft at spot).  Of course Michael Jordan was more of a guard but had to be in the mix.  Charles Barkley, Chris Mullin, James Worthy, and Bernard King all are very good comparisons and are all in the Hall of Fame.  But no one is exactly like Bias.

Barkley had Lenny's tenacity and athleticism and was shorter than Len, but probably a better rebounder.  Mullin didn't play much like Len at all, but battled with alcoholism early in his career before turning it around and having a very good career.  Worthy might be the best comparison although Len had a better perimeter shot.  King is another great comparison whose in-between game was second-to-none for a stretch and had he remained healthy and in a better situation than NY, might be regarded more highly than he was.

Len against future NBA players from left: Armen Gilliam, Joe Wolf, Ron Harper & Spud Webb

But Day 6 isn't about what I think at all- it's about what you think.  Please vote in our poll and sound off below in the comments as to your reasoning.  If you select "other" please do elaborate.

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6 Seasons After: 1991-92, Celtics lose in Eastern Conference Semifinals

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