Celtics Twitter account ranked 30th of 30 NBA teams, but does it matter?

The @Celtics Twitter account is definitely not on the cutting edge.  Informative and professional?  Yes.  Fun and exciting?  Not so much.  Here's what comes to mind when I think of a typical Celtics tweet:

In fact, when the Celtics sent out this one back in January, I was quite surprised by its playfulness and creativity:

According to a recent piece by Complex Sports, the Celtics account is the worst in the NBA, ranked 30th out of 30 teams.  Here is some of what they had to say about @Celtics:

During games, they often tweet only score updates at the end of quarters, only sparingly posting video clips of highlights in between. In the rare occasions in which they do share clips of game action, they typically do so using Twitter videos instead of looping Vines and caption them the way your dad might:

In terms of emojis, memes, GIFs and Vines, I'm sure the Celtics Twitter account is dead last.  In fact, it wouldn't even surprise me if it's never once used any of those.

But here's the thing--this is the Boston Celtics we're talking about.  17-time world champions.  A franchise steeped in history and tradition unlike any other in the NBA.  The C's haven't changed their basic uniforms in 60 years, why would they care about being at the forefront of social media trends?

Also worth mentioning, @Celtics has still managed to acquire over 1.8 million followers without using gimmicky things like little cartoon pictures of guns and horses, the 4th-most of any team in the league.

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