The Celtics seem to really make Steph Curry uncomfortable

It would appear the Celtics have the best book in the NBA on defending Steph Curry. I say this fully realizing that the show he put on in the 3rd quarter was the stuff of legend, but the fact is that in the 2 matchups between the Celtics and the Warriors this year Curry has been VERY uncomfortable.

Aside from causing more turnovers than any other opponent, the Celtics held Curry to 9-19 from the floor last night. If you combine that with the 9-27 he put up in their previous matchup, that puts him at 18-46 against the C's for the season, just 31% from the floor.

It helps that they can send Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart at him in waves, and last night they also mixed in some Isaiah Thomas. Those guards are as tenacious as any grouping in the league. The relentless level which Smart and Bradley attack at on the defensive end puts anyone they target in for a long night.

If Bradley and Smart aren't enough, then you can mix it up with Isaiah for a bit. If those three aren't enough, put the entire team on him I guess.

Sure, that play ended in a Verajao layup, but you get the idea. Last night's game was unbeleivable. The Celtics did not flinch going up against the best team in the league, in the loudest arena in the league, with the crowd going wild, and with the whole country watching on ESPN. That's a great sign, and they certainly seem to be something of a matchup problem for Curry and the Warriors.

Let's go.

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Photo Credit: Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports